Our Lady Of Perpetual Repetition (wowthatisminty) wrote in acapella_lovers,
Our Lady Of Perpetual Repetition

So I'm new here.


I'm a junior at Sarah Lawrence, and I'm about to audition for the fourth time for their female a-cappella troupe, Treble in Paradise.

I haven't made it in the past into the group. My voice, I guess, doesn't "play well with others," and I can't read music. I haven't had the chance to prove I learn extremely quickly by ear.

My question is this:
What should I sing?

I am an alto. I have been training for the past twelve or thirteen years in a musical theater tradition, so I'm pretty much Belty McGee, which is fine for soloists but one can't be a soloist on every song. What kind of songs have your a cappella groups done with alto soloists in the past?

All the a-cappella-y songs I can think of, they've done already and I feel like I will look like a huge tool if I go in doing one of their songs, or ones that the boys have done.

In the past, they've done:
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
No Rain
Strong Enough
Marching Bands of Manhattan
Have A Little Faith In Me
The Way You Make Me Feel
Always Be My Baby
So Unsexy
St. Teresa
Video Killed The Radio Star
Walking On Broken Glass

The guys have done:
California Dreaming
Nights Like This (sigh....)
We Built This City
We Are Family
California Dreaming (English AND Spanish)
For What It's Worth
District Sleeps Alone Tonight
Don't Stop Me Now
Right Here Right Now/Shake That Body/Jesus Christ Superstar medley

I forgot what I auditioned with freshman year, last year I auditioned with something I wrote and this year, I sang "Happy Together." They are having Spring auditions and I want to be part of this!
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