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no rain

my high school a capella group, all girls, is just starting, and none of us arrange music. we have lots of ideas of songs we would like to do (thats not an issue :) ), but we don't know where to get arrangements from. specifically, we would really like to do "no rain" (by blind melon), but as far as i know there aren't any existing arrangements online.

does anyone have any suggestions of where to find/buy an arrangement? are there any a capella groups who have done it who might give it to us (or sell it to us)?? we are not planning (in fact, it is extremely doubtful) on recording, and would only be performing at our school, so please don't be worried about us taking any other a capella group's glory. if you are in an a capella group, then you probably can understand the desire to spread the love of a capella music, and this would greatly help the music department at my high school survive! ...think about it.

i would really appreciate any people in this group who could either give me an email address of someone to contact, or some website that has an arrangement (SSAA) of  "no rain"....

anyway, please help me!


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